New Pre-Spring Styles Arriving Weekly! Free shipping within Canada on orders over $175!
New Pre-Spring Styles Arriving Weekly! Free shipping within Canada on orders over $175!
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Cranberry Consignment Contract 

To consign with us, you must agree to ALL terms of our contract. 

** Please initial that you have read and understood the conditions 

___ Consignors receive 40% of the selling price of their items. 

____ Cranberry Consignment has the right to refuse items for any reason. 

____ Prices are determined by Cranberry Consignment. 

____ Clothing stays on the floor for up to 60 days before going on sale. After 90 days items will be removed from the floor. 

____ Items may be removed and sent to charity at any time by the owner’s discretion. This could be due to damage/disrepair, lack of interest, or space needed for new items. 

____ Payouts are made via e-transfer over $50 (by request with a $2 service fee), as store credit at any amount, or as an online gift card at any amount (by request). 

____ Cranberry Consignment is not responsible for loss or damage. 

____ ALL unsold items are automatically donated at the end of the season. Consignor can collect their items at any time within the 90 days. Consignor is responsible for keeping track of the timeline of their items. Consignor will be given access to an online account to track their inventory. 

____ Consignors can determine if they want items Cranberry Consignment does not accept picked up or donated upon each drop off. If you choose to collect your items back, we will contact you by email once the items have been sorted. All returns must be picked up within 7 days of notification. 

**By signing this contract, I have read, understood, and agreed to the above conditions 

Name: _________________________________________ 

Phone Number: __________________________________ 

Email: __________________________________________ 

Date: ___________________________________________ 

Signature: x______________________________________