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Tofino Towel

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The kids Pebble Poncho shown above is one of our best sellers from Tofino Towel!

Tofino Towel is a Canadian lifestyle company. The brand's goal is to help their customers to enjoy right here and now. Connect outside and with your people! Hence, the location of the brand, in Tofino, British Columbia. They go so far as to offer their cabin as an airbnb for others to experience their little haven!

With sustainability at the forefront of the brand, the company focuses on choosing the right materials to offer the best product. Tofino Towel aims to ensure each product can be created with outdoor and indoor usage. There's a reason their slogan is 'Live Outside & Love Inside'

Model on the left is wearing the Serenity cover up.  Model on the right is sporting the Serene. Both available at Cranberry Collective! 


The 1% Model

1% of all profits made by Tofino Towel Co. are donated to local non-profits. These profits typically go towards beach clean ups or preserving wild life on the West Coast. They've also teamed up with the foundation, Surfrider Pacific Rim, that help to protect the oceans.

Tofino Towel has recently incorporated the 1% model with product donations towards charities and local fundraisers. 

The Banyan Towel in Navy & Beige are perfect additions to your beach bag or bathroom set!

Care Guide

Tofino Towels are Turkish cotton, and to create maximum absorbency you must 'activate' your towel. 

1. Soak it in cold water for 12 hours! The fibres expand and relax from being packaged. it also allows max absorbency and softness. 

2. Gently wring out the water and hang dry before using it. 

But I forgot to activate before using it!!  

All is well, wash the towel with a cup of vinegar and no detergent. The vinegar softens it up and gives more while eliminating any bacterial residue! Use this when you feel the towel needs a refresher. 

The Frontier Throw in rosewood. Not a pink fan? Try the Ahoy blanket in grey.


Product Care

Regardless of the product type, this is a 'how-to' guide for Turkish Cotton.


  • Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. This method creates the best results and lifespan of the product.
  • We know hand washing isn't for everyone, so if not able, wash on delicate cycle using cold water and mild detergent. 


  • It is strongly recommended that items be hung to dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener sheets or liquid fabric softeners. These are typically created with synthetic fabrics in mind. Vinegar or baking soda offer a great alternative!

The amazing Coastal Throw in Sage. Available at Cranberry in Sage & Wine.


Why Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton fibers are typically longer and stronger. A smooth finish with very little fuzz. The length of the fibers allow the product to be very absorbent. They're also much more lightweight, dry faster and easier to pack. Oh, and the life expectancy of the product is longer!

Sustainable Practices

 Current practices at Tofino Towel include a (mostly) paperless office, with recycling and composting. Employees practice a sustainable lifestyle to set an example. Products that are designed to last reduce the fast retail experience. This is applicable to the multipurpose of products as well! 

The Soleil cover-up works great with a bathing suit or an addition to your outfit! 


Enjoy, and next time you're in, have a feel of those Coastal Throws.  The plushiest of blankets! 

- Jess


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