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Blush Silks

Shop local, shop local, shop local! Say it with us!

This Manitoba based brand has us swooning over their amazing silk scrunchies! I myself have FIVE scrunchies. The brand was started by friends Christine & Leanne. Like us in Saskatchewan, they are all to familiar with our extreme temps - both warm or hot! Which make it difficult to maintain healthy hair.

Here we see the medium sized Blush scrunchies in pewter and mint.

The founders searched for the best material they could find. They landed on 100% Pure Mulberry Grade 6A silk. Derived from the delicate cocoons of the Bombyx mori moth, which is fed exclusively the leaves of the mulberry tree. Mulberry silk is more refined than other types of silk.

Silk scrunchies contain amino acids that help reduce hair damage! It is a natural nontoxic product with the highest silk grade.

This shows a mega scrunchie in pewter. Also great for those messy bun lovers!

Silk comes on a graded level. First, with an A for highest standard. This is followed by a number in front. 6A is the highest grade of silk. Blush silks are all 6A grade. Blush Silks have also undergone a “slip process”. This is a process that ensures it is smooth and shiny, which transfers those qualities to your hair!


A classic need for everyone with long hair. The mini scrunchie works the same as the others but offer the minimal look. 

Silk scrunchies allow moisture to stay in your hair and reduce breakage or frizz. They are great for all hair types - but particularly beneficial for curly hair!

The product is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which means they contain no harmful substances or toxins.

Now should I go for the leopard print scrunchie???

C'mon, look at the print! Who am I kidding- I'm getting it.


XoXo Jess


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