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Soyaconcept - A Sustainability Leader in the Fashion Industry

"Clothes for the fashion-conscious woman. Comfortably uncomplicated."

Soyaconcept runs on two main concepts:

  1. Femininity
  2. Sustainability

Soyaconcept was introduced to Cranberry Collective in 2020 and has since become a customer staple due to its quality product and affordable price point! The brand is committed to creating collections made for they say "the female shape is our shape"

Soyaconcept is a leader in the fashion industry for sustainability. Constantly working on the demand of supply while reducing the environmental impact of such is a continuous journey. They are certainly on the right path towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

Cranberry Collective owner, Christine Keck, wearing multiple Cranberry brands! Top is 'Radia' blouse from Soyaconcept.


Continuously improving their sustainability journey is important to the brand, not just for themselves, but also to help responsible consumers! This is a multifaceted endeavour. From packaging to animal welfare to the types of fabric utilized, it is an ongoing process. 

Code of Conduct & Values

Starting from the first step of production, Soyaconcept ensures their suppliers sign and adhere to their Code of Conduct Policies. This includes child labour, anti-slavery, human and labour rights, and environmental protection policies. 

Values & Achievements:

  1. Social Responsibility: factories must follow requirements regarding environmental and labour concerns. Creating a better future for everyone is a pillar of Soyaconcept's goals. 
  2. Animal Welfare: suppliers must follow the company's animal welfare policies as well as international laws and recommendations. Soyaconcept does not allow harm to animals for fashion purposes. Animals may not endure pain and are treated with dignity. All suppliers have signed off on this to help work towards a transparent and traceable supply chain.
  3. Chemical Restrictions: The chemical restrictions of Soyaconcept are aligned with the REACH program. REACH looks into chemical restrictions based on human health and environmental impact. All suppliers have signed and committed to following chemical restrictions set out by Soyaconcept. Soyaconcept also utilizes their own testing program for garments.  
  4. Other: Soyaconcept hangtags are Forest Steward Council certified and garment labels are made from recycled polyester. 

Get your CEO vibes on with the 'Daniela' power suit!

Fabrics: Responsible Materials

The goal for the label's garments is to reduce environmental impact while still producing quality and well-designed products. Soyaconcept considers an item responsibly made if it is composed of 50% or more certified material that lowers environmental impacts. 

In 2021, Soyaconcept achieved 28% responsibly produced product. Their 2025 goal is 42%. 

Responsibly Produced Viscose

Responsibly produced viscose means whatever is used is replaced. If a tree is cut down, one is planted. The production of this type of viscose is up to 50% fewer emissions. 

  • Half the amount of energy and water used.
  • All natural resources used in production.
  • Continuously improving methods and utilization of resources.

Jess in the 'Jana' Dress and 'Biara' Cardigan, both products made with sustainable viscose. 

Organic Cotton

A fibre that uses natural fertilizers and ensures soil health. By farming through this method, biodiversity is increased.


The 'Derby' Dress, in black and coral haze, are 100% organic cotton. Also available in a t-shirt!

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is made from PET waste plastics. PET is an acronym for polyethylene terephthalate, which is the name of a completely recyclable plastic. This means, it is plastic that is not single-use! 

  • Reduces the extraction of natural resources
  • Can be recycled multiple times
  • Does not use agricultural land or large sums of water

Here we have Bre wearing the 'Alda' mesh long sleeve. This top is made of 95% recycled polyester!

Soyaconcept Care Guide: Longer Lasting & Better for the Environment. 

Soyaconcept has a full care guide on how to make your clothing last and reduce your household ecological footprint! Click the link below for a more in depth reading on it.

Here are some highlights:

  • Wash less: Every time an article is washed, fibres may break down reducing the longevity of the garment. Hang it in your bathroom when taking a steamy shower and hang outside to refresh it!
  • Wash at lower temperatures: this method is more gentle on clothing and reduces emissions. 
  • Air dry: this one speaks for itself! Also get that fresh air scent without using bounce sheets. 
  • Laundry bags: stops microplastics from synthetic fabrics entering the water system. Protects and lengthens lifespan of delicates. Useful for garments with lace, embellishments, etc.
  •  Use eco-friendly laundry detergent: pssssst- find our Tru Earth Eco-friendly Detergent Strips here-

Caring Based on Fabrics:

Synthetic Fabrics:

  • Wash after sweating! Synthetic fabrics retain scent. Do not leave unwashed for a long time or it will hold scent after wash.
  • Wash in cold: hot temperatures often damage these fabrics.
  • Hang dry: most synthetic fibres dry quickly on their own.
  • Iron for shape

The 'Banu' material is typically a combination of synthetic and regenerated fibres. The 'Banu' here is 48% polyester, 48% modal, and 4% elastane.

Natural Materials


  • Wash less: fragile material that wears quickly.
  • Avoid dryer & heat: material shrinks in warm water and heat. 


  • Don't wash: wool is self-cleansing. Wear undergarments to reduce transfer of body moisture and smells.
  • Dry clean: the more you love your wool product, the more you should trust the dry cleaner to cleanse the product properly.


  • Use silk specific detergent: silk is a protein. Therefore, without proper detergent the fibres will break down.
  • Wash delicately: Silk is fragile. Take all precautions with cleaning methods.
  • Do not soak: soaking will leave stains.

Regenerated Cellulose Fibres

Lyocell, modal, viscose:

  • Follow instructions: Viscose will shrink when washed incorrectly. 
  • Hang to dry: these fabrics wrinkle so following the drying rules will reduce wrinkling.
  • Irong for shape: viscose can shrink during wash- iron to retain that shape!

The popular 'Marica' Basic tee is predominately Lyocell- which means follow the care instructions! Oh and the fabric feels fabulous!

As someone with an environmental education background, Soyaconcept is one of my favourite lines we carry in terms of sustainability! They also have amazing fibres and a great price point so what's not to love? I suggest you check it out!

Make Earth great again 

- Jess

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